Meet our CEO

Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge

Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge

A company will always reflect the culture of the owners and management, and since Ancotrans is one of the eldest family-owned companies in Denmark, this is no different for us. 

When you meet Anne Kathrine - or just AKS in daily life - you will quickly feel how she puts an honour in supporting diversity, a greener environment, employee involvement and valuebased leadership. This is probably why it makes it so easy to feel like a big family. 

Furthermore you will often meet her in green and yellow clothings with a big smile on her face - living the brand.   

Generation Timeline

1. Generation

Anders Nielsen

2. Generation

Carl Steenbjerge

3. Generation

Åge Steenbjerge

4. Generation

Henrik Steenbjerge

5. Generation

Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge

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